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Yum Cha

Yum Cha

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Age 7+
30-60 mins
2-6 Players

The rules are really simple to understand. Collect 3 sets of dim sums cards and 1 pair of tea cards!

10 cards are dealt to each player. All remaining cards are placed in a deck faced down. Players take turns drawing a card from either the deck or any card from the centre. The player then decides which card they want to keep and end their turn by discarding a card into the centre face-up.

Play strategically and collect small, medium, big and dessert dim sums to wrap up the game quickly, or go for glory and collect the super, special and top dim sums to score as many points as possible. You are in control of your own fortune.

A round of Yum Cha ends when a player draws the eleventh card which makes a complete hand, revealing 3 sets of dim sums and 1 pair of tea. When they do so, they announce Yum Cha! and the round ends. A set of dim sums consists of three unique dim sums from the same tier. Duplicate dim sums cannot form a part of a set. A pair of tea consists of two tea cards of the same flavour.

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