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Wild Realms by Daywalker Syndicate

Wild Realms by Daywalker Syndicate

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The ancient civilizations of humanity are forgotten. Nature has reclaimed the world. Now is the Age of Animals. The Wild-lands stand unknown...unsettled...but with the dangerous and untamed, also comes beauty and wonder. The stunning vista of the Realms is yours to discover! Search out the Four Realms—the refreshing winds of Air, the lush forests of Land, the rushing waves of Water and the burning chasms of Fire. Quest with Animal allies into these untamed places and establish a new Kingdom of Animals within the Wild Realms!

In this competitive game, 2-4 players draw 5-cards into their hand and use them to "build" their Kingdom by playing the Four Realms (Air, Land, Water, Fire) and Animals to defend them.

Players play their cards each turn in four phases: Unleash a Legendary Animal, Play Realm cards and Animals to defend them, Attack opponents to "knockout" their defenders and activate Animal allies' special abilities , Move Animals between Realms and Alliances in your Kingdom, and "Lock" Realm(s).

During the Attack phase, if a player feels the need (they are "behind" or just feeling lukcy) and have at least one "locked" Realm, they may engage in a risky "Realm Duel.".

A player wins (and the game ends) if they are the first to lock all Four Realms (Air, Land, Water, Fire) thereby completing their Kingdom.

Your Animal allies stand ready! Will you be the first to raise a new Animal Kingdom out of the Wild Realms?

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