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War for the Wasteland RPG by Bloat Games

War for the Wasteland RPG by Bloat Games

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War For The Wasteland Minimalist Sci-Fi Tabletop RPG

“Less rules, more fun!”

Written by Eric Bloat, Art by Phil Stone, for Bloat Games

Inspired by 2400 LO-FI SCI-FI RPG by Presendo Games, Jason Tocci, 24XX SRD.

War For The Wasteland is a post nuclear war, set in the former United States, four hundred years after the bombs dropped. It's a wasteland, filled with warring factions, mutated beings and animals, and people just trying to get by and put back together the pieces of civilization that had been blown off the map.

Play as one of four Origins: Nuke Children, Meatbags, Second, True Citizens, and choose from 15 Archetypes: Psion, Mutant, Mystic, Adrenalizer, Assassin, Cyber-Junkie, CyberSurgeon, Hacker, Jack, Martial Artist, Merc, Captain, Cyborg, Doctor, Hoovertank Pilot, Newmerican Guard, & Power Armor Pilot.

War for the Wasteland is a "everything but the kitchen sink" style low Sci-Fi TTRPG, in a destroyed Mad Max style post-apocalyptic setting.

Designed with Veteran RPG Gamers and Game Masters in mind.

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