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Vermin 2047 RPG Gamefound Predator pledge by Studio Agate

Vermin 2047 RPG Gamefound Predator pledge by Studio Agate

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Vermin 2047. In 2047, the era of information is a thing of the past. Networks have failed, and media is no more. Cellphones are only used to take pictures and store pages from manuals, road maps, and blueprints. The closest thing to a social network is travel banter, encounters on the road, and the rare moment of peace. No one in Arizona knows what is happening in China, in Africa, on the other side of the Atlantic, or even in a neighboring state. The youngest humans are not even aware that there is something beyond the oceans. The boundaries of one’s world are rivers, forests, mountain ranges, and however far binoculars and shortwave radios can reach.

Pack Predator Plus contains:

  • Survival Kit – Horde Edition
  • Set of 12 dice in cloth bag
  • Set of 3 art prints
  • Totem pouch
  • All PDFs (including survival kit, pre-generated characters, screen, character sheet, etc.)
  • And, as an added bonus, a metal bronze-colored d-10 with Vermin 2047 marking! Chunky!

    Set in 2047, this is a new edition of Vermin, a re-write that’s been created as if the award-winning original had never been. It uses the Totem system, works with players on the world-building, and has a greater focus on gameplay.
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