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Under Ashen Skies Hardcover Kickstarter Edition by Blackoath Entertainmenmt

Under Ashen Skies Hardcover Kickstarter Edition by Blackoath Entertainmenmt

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Caution! This is a mature game with dark, twisted themes that would make any normal person feel uncomfortable. Purchase at your own risk!

Pain. The first thing you remember is pain. Dull, slow, dragged out pain. The pain of loss. Of death. Of abandoned joys and found sorrows.

The next thing you remember are stars. Bright, whirling, screaming stars. The lights of hope. Of purpose. Of faith.

And then you remember the dark and the cold. Biting, oppressive, smothering. The dark and cold of reality. Of truth. Of everything.

And then, you realize that’s all you remember…

In Under Ashen Skies you take the role of a person who awakes in a world of darkness, loss and horror with no memories of who they are. In order to understand who you were and what this place is, you must venture out from your apartment, the only place seemingly safe, and explore the different locations and locales of the town of Riverside, encountering other inhabitants of this strange place (some of them as lost as you are, others with a semblance of understanding), indescribable horrors, and pieces of your broken mind that will help you learn who you really are.

Under Ashen Skies is a horror single-player RPG, with a focus on combat, survival and exploration, and heavily inspired by Hellraiser, Silent Hill, the Orphic mysteries, and the works of Junji Ito. From the safety of your apartment, you will venture out to explore the broken town of Riverside, in search of answers, gear and resources. With a system of randomized loot you will never find the same piece of gear twice! But make sure you maintain it or else it will break down and you’ll be unable to use it. You will scavenge and salvage all you need, from tools and crafting resources to medical supplies. Finding good gear is crucial in order to fight the relentless cold and the hordes of strange Phonoi or the terrible Makhe that seem to rule over them. But don’t lose track of time! For wasting it will surely condemn you to the horrors of the Devouring, the wave of pure madness that sometimes takes over Riverside, transforming it into a mirror of hell.

In Under Ashen Skies, you will:

  • Create a unique character, with a free-form system that allows you to personalize it as you wish

  • Increase in power, earning Mneme that you can spend to level up, craft gear, and much more, or unlocking dozens of powerful Talents that grant you unique abilities, both active and passive. Be careful how you choose though, as you may only have six at a time!

  • Earn the favor of the Protogenoi, to gain daily advantages

  • Chase after the ideal piece of loot with the right combination of bonuses and traits for your desired gameplay style

  • Meet a colorful cast of recurring characters who, if you play your cards correctly, can become your greatest asset

  • Explore a variety of environments, from the maddening Garden of Forking Paths to the sinister Riverside University Hospital

  • Face many terrible and unique foes, each one with their own behavior and attacks, as well as the worst of them: your Nemesis, who will slowly hunt you across all of Riverside

  • Slowly but surely piece together who you were… only to realize that maybe having no memories is not such a terrible thing. Will you be able to come to terms with your dark secrets?

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