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Uluk Kickstarter All In Pledge by Hexy Studio Games

Uluk Kickstarter All In Pledge by Hexy Studio Games

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A beautifully illustrated Eurogame of hunting, gathering and... cooking!

Elders say that our world is a fruit of the sacred uluk tree. No humans have ever stepped on this magical land, and you are the leaders of its hunter-gatherer tribes of sentient animals, collecting food, developing inventions, and erecting monuments in honor of the ancient gods to fulfill their spiritual needs. The winner in this competition will ensure happiness and well-being for their folk and will be praised as the archleader of all tribes!

Yes, Uluk is essentially a game about making food. And good food makes us happy! As a tribe leader in a world where no human has ever stood, you send your tribe members to hunt and gather resources, then process them into delicious meals. Only a fully fed population will bring you Happiness Points, but even a well-filled belly might not be enough to let you win the game. Don’t forget about spirituality, and build monuments of the old gods!

As unique and fun as its theme may be, Uluk is a game for gamers who really like it heavy. It utilizes the classic Eurogame mechanics of worker placement and enhances it with a few small twists. You can develop inventions to make your food processing technology more efficient, or rather invest in building monuments. Options available for each tribe are different, representing their own individual culture and eating habits!

The rich and colorful setting of Uluk is captured in the beautiful, immersive artwork by Przemysław Gul. Each tribe has its own aesthetic feel, while the game board represents a living world inhabited by fantastic creatures.

Pledge includes:

Core Game

Monument Set

Ancestral Spirits Expansion

Wrath of the Gods Expansion

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