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The Veiled Dungeon An RPG Toolbox by Loke Battle maps

The Veiled Dungeon An RPG Toolbox by Loke Battle maps

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It contains- 20 Battle maps, wet/dry marker safe on 10 folded sheets- 40 Unique monster cards
- 66 page book containing a 5E Adventure, unique monsters and hundreds of random encounters.

It is designed to be user friendly, however you want to use the contents. You can play the adventure on the maps using the monsters provided.

You can take any single map or encounter out for your own campaign. Or you can take any map area, and its associated monsters, encounters and even section of the written Veiled Dungeon adventure, giving you an instant adventure district.

Our unique monsters are presented ready to play, complimented a pack of quick reference cards boasting commissioned artwork and a quick summary to make using and describing them simple.

Fully 5E Compatible, the content is also easily adaptable for and RPG system.

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