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The Lost and the Jammed by Tom Mecredy and Zachary Cox

The Lost and the Jammed by Tom Mecredy and Zachary Cox

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The Lost and the Jammed is a three stat, high lethality dungeon-crawling game filled with strange and esoteric firearms, wandering gunslinger-mystics and high-calibre monsters threatening to overwhelm the last strongholds of civilisation.


About the game:


Written and produced by Tom Mecredy and Zachary Cox. The Lost and the Jammed presents a uniquely twisted roleplaying experience, taking a dark fantasy setting, such as Warhammer Fantasy, the Witcher or Dark Souls, and mixing with the gunpowder gonzo of Enter the Gungeon.

Players step into the waterlogged boots of the Flotsam, mercenaries and adventurers drawn to the Blighted Lands by the promise of plunder. When the Old Kingdom’s mancers unleashed the cataclysm that broke the world, they left devastation in their wake. The Blighted Lands are all that remain, the last bastion of humanity clinging to survival in the skeletal remains of the Old Kingdom.

You’ll explore abandoned gun foundries, dilapidated war machines, and isolated settlements, encountering infernal demons, grotesque aberrations, and chanting cultists. Uncover the science and magic of the Old Kingdom and bend it to your will, helping humanity cling on in the face of utter annihilation.

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