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The Dark

The Dark

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 The Dark is a solo tabletop role playing game about being lost in the darkness that seeks to overtake you, and you're desperate clinging to the memories of those you loved. You'll play as the last remaining of a group of friends who set out for adventure in the wilderness in Scandinavia. All was well until the path was lost in the midst of a dense forest, one by one your friends were taken by an encroaching preternatural darkness.

Try as you might you cannot seem to escape the tendrils of the dark. However, you'll soon discover that the memories of your friends, and that of a loved long gone, anchors you; ever so tangibly to the real world. The dark might consume you, but you'll never be snuffed out without remembering those you love. You’ll play this game using candles a deck of cards and dice as you fight to remain anchored to this world.

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