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Taverns and Dragons Kickstrater Edition by Lord Racoon Games

Taverns and Dragons Kickstrater Edition by Lord Racoon Games

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The King is on his way to the city and will feast at the tavern offering the most tempting banquet. Send your minions to gather the rarest ingredients for your recipes. Magic mushrooms, wild plants, dragon eggs... nothing is too dangerous for the King! Sharpen your blades and heat up your pans!

Taverns & Dragons combines dice placement mechanics with worker movement, creating a delightful mix of food, fun, and fiery strategy. Roll your dice and strategize as you guide your minions through the land. Will you move them, gather precious resources, or cook up delightful recipes? Choose wisely, as your minions can also collect ingredients, visit unique locations, and embark on daring dragon hunts! Meanwhile, valiant heroes await in the marketplace, ready to lend their skills for shiny coins.

To claim victory, you must have the highest prestige points at the end of the game. Earn them by cooking recipes, accomplishing missions, engaging esteemed heroes, and hunting dragons!

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