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Sword, Cross and Chainmail by Davide Pignedoli

Sword, Cross and Chainmail by Davide Pignedoli

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Behind the mountains, the Eternal Night still rules...

Sword, Cross and Chainmail is a bleak homage to the classic rpg systems of ages past, that drops players into with a twisted setting with the backdrop of the Middle Ages. With the tools inside you can customize the setting with a few dice rolls, randomly generate locations for adventures, create new monsters and make characters fast to start playing quickly!

Rules are light and tight, combat is tactical, magic is failing Charisma rolls. Use this to start a campaign with your favorite game system or just play with this booklet only. Probably, watch characters die so that another can level up. Before, of course, dying as well. 


  • Rumors tables
  • Village generation
  • Overworld and Underworld location generators
  • Monsters
  • Events
  • A super light OSR-inspired rules chassis
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