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Stillfleet RPG Hardcover Core Book by Wythe Marscall

Stillfleet RPG Hardcover Core Book by Wythe Marscall

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Stillfleet is its own timespace paradox: an acid-trip of a good time, built on a foundation of political tension between the Co. and its medieval market-worlds… It’s a rules-light system with hundreds of options for powers. It’s a genre-vaporizing work of science fiction that you can hack apart and make your own.

The much-awaited full rules for Stillfleet, professionally designed and illustrated, are bound in one gorgeous hardback book of more than 300 pages! The game rules only take minutes to learn, but the book offers ten classes of Co. voidminer, twenty-two playable sapient species, hundreds of advanced powers + nanotech "blooder" powers + deeply Weird hell science powers, an entire chapter full of strange archaetech (weapons, cooking utensils, nanotech body modifications…), settings on major and minor provinces as well as the floating hulks of dead spaceships, twenty full encounters with dangerous aliens, and more.

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