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Stillfleet RPG Deluxe package by Wythe Marschall

Stillfleet RPG Deluxe package by Wythe Marschall

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Stillfleet is its own timespace paradox: an acid-trip of a good time, built on a foundation of political tension between the Co. and its medieval market-worlds… It’s a rules-light system with hundreds of options for powers. It’s a genre-vaporizing work of science fiction that you can hack apart and make your own.

Stillfleet casts the characters in the roles of employees of the greedy, human-run Worshipful Company of Stillfleeters (the Co., always capitalized) headquartered in an alien space station in the far future—a sea slug of black stone called Spindle, kilometers tall… 

Over the æons, many human and alien civilizations have risen and fallen in the void, littering Terra and countless other worlds and world-ships with glittering layers of technological ruins—some useful, some dangerous, all valuable to the Co.’s Archive.

For three hundred years (Terrasol Standard Time), the Co. has amassed a wealth of technological power, and today its anonymous directors effectively govern across its so-called “provinces” a few billion sapients (intelligent beings—primarily different groups of humans and giant cricket-like bugs named wetans). The inhabitants of the worlds beyond Spindle remain locked in unequal trade agreements, benefitting little from the Co.’s “voidmining.”

Will the player characters—the voidminers—choose to execute their corporate duties in faithful servitude, malinger and build new bases of power among their fellow voidminers on Spindle, ally themselves with resistance movements on the provinces, or even join the anarchistic Honourable Company or non-human-centric Federation of Unhuman Kingdoms?

Stillfleet explores early capitalism in space: voidminer, what will you do to resist the temptation of power? To liberate the provincials? To survive?

Stillfleet is thus both a game about epic space adventure—you can run around and kill acid-spitting xenos and steal biolasers from flying fungi—at the same time that it’s a thought experiment about how to do positive social change when you work for the proverbial Man: get rich or die trying? Kill your masters? Find new tools to dismantle their house?

It’s also a game about the far future that casts most non-player characters in the roles of smallholder farmers, blacksmiths, and so on: the far future is buried in the past of the game world and is only being slowly recovered and weaponized by the Co.

It’s also just a really fun game to play: the system is unique and simple, with a gambling element (boosting grit), and there are infinite worlds and dead alien ships (stillfleets) to explore.

The Rain of Thieves- Our second official venture (playable scenario), by Aaron H., features over 60 pages of classic sci-fi wilderness-crawl danger and discovery on the minor province of Radanaar—a desert planet populated by domesticated, yoghurt-producing centipedes and intelligent giant "spiders" (well, that word is close enough)—that has been utterly forgotten by the Co. Will you do the Co.'s bidding and destabilize the fragile ecosystems of Radanaar's great cave complexes? Will you survive the dust cyclones and spider-ambushes? Will you discover the technical secrets of Kildz’s Antenna? Get the Core Rulebook, get this pulp-tastic, politically charged, eco-horror venture, and start playing!

This package has the hardcover core book, module Rain of Thieves, Reference card deck, custom porcelain Stillfleet dice! 

We do offer the core book and module and reference cards separately.

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