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Splintered Lands Base Game & Founders Pack by Civil Dawn Games

Splintered Lands Base Game & Founders Pack by Civil Dawn Games

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Splintered Lands is a post-apocalypse-themed expandable deck-building game from Civil Dawn Games. Players take on the role of an enclave governor who must lead their people in a fight for survival using a brand new base-defense tactical deck-building game mechanic.

Somehow, you have cobbled together a band of basic fighting men and women to help you survive in the inhospitable wasteland you call home. However, you’ve noticed another group of survivors competing for resources in your area. If you are going to survive for long, you are going to need to spend your ever-dwindling resources to convince new and capable people to join you in the constant struggle...but finding them can be just as difficult as convincing them to come back with you.

Players take turns attacking their opponent, fortifying their enclave, and searching the Dunes to acquire new and powerful characters to join their fight. Defeat your opponent by crippling their authority, and do it quickly -- your opponent will only grow stronger the longer you let them live. Unfortunately, they know it, too.

Each player starts the game with an 11 card deck. Then players choose which factions they want to be represented. Combine your favorite three factions to create the six card Dunes deck. This is where you will find powerful allies to join your enclave. On their turn, players play cards, pick cards, and arrange/navigate cards on their side. The game ends when one player has had their Authority (life) reduced to 0 due to actions happening in the game. A player wins by reducing their opponents Authority (life) to 0 or below.

Along with the four starting factions, Splintered Lands has five expansions already planned out. Each expansion contains two new factions, plus exclusive bonus content. These unique boosters create new ways to engage with the world of Splintered Lands, giving players optional new ways to defeat their opponents, new and interesting mechanics to discover, and unusual aberrant creatures to defend with or against.

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