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The Art of Spawn Point

The Art of Spawn Point

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Compiled herein is The Art of Spawn Point. All art was created using the Midjourney artificial intelligence art creation tool, except for perhaps one or two through Dall-E2.


One of my greatest limitations in creating Spawn Point was art. I am not at all an artist and securing an actual artist became problematic. Firstly, Spawn Point is quite frankly a passion project. I never planned to make any money from the game, so paying an artist to create art for it was simply something I was not willing to do. Secondly, I did have a few artists create samples for me but none really struck me as, “Yeah! Exactly what I was looking for!” Spawn Point was complete and stuck in a holding pattern while I was left trying to come up with an acceptable artist until AI art burst onto the scene. Even in the time I’ve been using it I’ve seen advancements.


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