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Sirens, Defrag, and 16 Candies Tiny games series set Kickstarter with all the extras by Envy Born Games

Sirens, Defrag, and 16 Candies Tiny games series set Kickstarter with all the extras by Envy Born Games

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3 Tiny games in one set! 



At long last, a lost ship has sailed into your cove! Is your song strong enough to attract the sailors away from it? On the opposite side of the cliff, another siren is surely preparing to fill the evening with notes meant to allure our new guests, as well.
Will that song overpower yours, or can you gather more sailors to your side of the cliffs?

Sirens is a quick and compact micro drafting game for 1 to 2 players, in which you’ll draft cards over the course of 2 to 3 rounds to construct a song to lure sailors away from the nearby ship. The player who successfully attracts 2 of the 3 sailors with their music will win the game!

The game lasts for 2 or 3 rounds. Each round consists of 2 identical phases in which players draft cards, and then build a “song” with the cards that they kept. Each player’s “song score” will be totaled on 4 conditions, and the winning song then takes a facedown card as a sailor. The first player with 2 sailors wins!


It's've got a paper due first thing in the morning and your trusty computer has chosen tonight to slow to a crawl. You reboot, you task kill, you pet the monitor gently, no dice. You're filled with dread as you realize you have only one option left. That's right.

Clear your schedule, baby, it's time to D-D-D-DEFRAG!

Defrag is a hand management grid puzzle game in which you are attempting to rearrange and consolidate various file fragments before exhausting your resources. Defrag has several solo and multiplayer game modes, including a series of increasingly difficult challenges with unique goals.

16 Candies

16 Candies is a fast-paced and sweet family game for 3-4 players. In each round, players draw and discard cards featuring different types of candy, trying to form the best hand they can with their 3 cards.

When a player thinks they have the best hand, they can shout "I GOT CANDY!" Opposing players will have 1 final turn to optimize their hand before the round ends, at which point all players will reveal their hands. The player with the worst hand must remove a penalty amount of candy from their starting supply of 16 cardboard candies (or real candy, if you choose to play with it).

The game ends when only one player has candy left in their supply, and that player is the winner. With quick turns and a fun theme, 16 Candies is a tasty treat for game nights with family and friends.

Games are in one nice holder plus extra components!

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