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Rad Zone Totality Softcover Edition by DR Games

Rad Zone Totality Softcover Edition by DR Games

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The world faces a terrible apocalypse. Without warning the sun’s radiation spiked to alarming levels and under this relentless and deadly barrage humanity succumbed. People fell ill, millions died, populations moved underground into fortified Rad Bunkers. Many plants and animals perished, and society collapsed. Food and clean water were rationed until people began to starve, and martial law was replaced by irradiated outlaws and bandits roaming the surface in their pain induced craze.

Rad Zone Totality is a roll and write, print and play, solo game set in a harsh dystopian future where you manage a group of survivors. They live in a Rad Bunker and strive to keep their home stocked with food, water, medical supplies, fuel, equipment and raw materials. They must go on dangerous missions, salvage these much-needed items from the city and at the same time avoid bandits that roam the land in their radiation induced craze. On top of this they must be quick to avoid taking a dangerous dose of radiation.

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