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Pirates Dragons Treasure

Pirates Dragons Treasure

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When you play Pirates Dragons Treasure, you take on the role of a Pirate Captain. Pirates like you have sailed these seas for generations -- plundering their waters, creating treasure hoards that rival the riches of kings. Indeed, times have been good for you swashbucklers, but times are about to change. Where you find gold, sure you'll find pirates, but you'll also find... DRAGONS! The scourge of the land, sea, and sky have invaded your world and aim to steal your treasure! Can you outwit your rivals and build a crew strong enough to defeat the dragons?

In Pirates Dragons Treasure players take turns building their drawing cards and using treasure to purchase crews and ship upgrades. Once ready, players challenge the dragon that torments the group, and the player who defeats the beast first wins the game.

The game provides a rich world of characters, upgrades, curses, and dragons, through beautifully illustrated artwork, easy-to-learn mechanics, and ample opportunity for group engagement and trickery. The game is created for novice to seasoned games and creates exciting engagements for players time and time again.

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