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On Mars - Kickstarter Edition w/Alien Invasion Expansion, Wood Tokens, & Upgrade Kit

On Mars - Kickstarter Edition w/Alien Invasion Expansion, Wood Tokens, & Upgrade Kit

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On Mars Base Game, Upgrade Kit, Alien Invasion and Wooden Tokens Bundle

Following the success of unmanned rover missions, the United Nations established the Department of Operations and Mars Exploration (D.O.M.E.). The first settlers arrived on Mars in the year 2037 and in the decades after establishment Mars Base Camp, private exploration companies began work on the creation of a self-sustaining colony. As chief astronaut for one of these enterprises, you want to be a pioneer in the development of the biggest, most advanced colony on Mars by achieving both D.O.M.E. mission goals as well as your company’s private agenda.

Alert! Sensors indicate that aliens are invading the famous red planet! Long have the conspiracy theorists predicted this. The threat to your mission is too great; you must take action. Will you be able to prevent the infectious spread of these beings bent on expanding to every habitable planet in the galaxy? Or will you play for the other side, a species trying to establish a colony on Mars, blithely oblivious to the danger their expansion represents, unaware that there are others out there eager to keep humans “where they belong” on Earth.

This bundle includes the base game, upgrade kit (Kickstarter extras), Alien Invasion expansion and Alien Invasion Wooden Tokens (image not to scale)

Mechanics include: Area Majority / Influence, Hand Management, Hexagon Grid, Point to Point Movement, Tile Placement, Variable Phase Order and Worker Placement

Players: 1 - 5
Recommended Age: 12+
Playtime in Minutes: 60 - 120

Base Game Contents:

  • 1 Main board
  • 1 Building tiles display
  • 8 LSS Reward tiles
  • 48 Colonists, 12 in each player color
  • 24 Blueprint cards
  • 4 Player boards
  • 1 Scientists and Earth Contracts Board
  • 1 Shuttle and 1 Colony level marker
  • 4 Rovers, 1 in each player color
  • 6 Scientist cards
  • 1 Reference book and 4 Player aids
  • 8 Research tiles and 19 Discovery tiles
  • 12 First Colonist cards and 6 First Colonist tiles
  • 20 Ships and 20 Progress cubes, 5 in each player color
  • 12 Earth Contract cards
  • 5 Starting Building tiles
  • 16 Tech tiles and 4 Shelter Tech tiles
  • 6 Scientist markers
  • 16 Bots, 4 in each player color
  • 16 Private Goal cards
  • 30 Building tiles
  • 3 Mission tracker cubes and 1 Remaining Missions marker
  • 20 Resource tiles of each type and 30 Crystals
  • 4 Player markers and 4 OP markers, 1 in each player color
  • 9 Mission cards
  • 20 Shelter Building tiles, 5 in each player color
  • 3 Mission markers
  • 4 LSS Track markers
  • 32 Advanced Building markers, 8 in each player color
  • 12 Solo cards

Upgrade Kit Contents:

  • 1 Blueprint Board (50x20mm)
  • 12 Additional Contract Cards
  • 6 Private Goal Expansion Cards
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