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Old School Essentials Advanced Fantasy Game Set by Necrotic Gnome

Old School Essentials Advanced Fantasy Game Set by Necrotic Gnome

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Want to take your game to the next level? The Old-School Essentials Advanced Expansion Set adds reams of new classes, options, monsters, and magic inspired by the weird and wondrous 1970s Advanced edition (1E). The set consists of 4 Digest size (A5) hardcovers:

  •  Book 1: Characters: 9 additional classes (the nimble acrobat, the devious assassin, the brash barbarian, the charming bard, the mysterious druid, the enigmatic illusionist, the noble knight, the ardent paladin, and the stealthy ranger), 6 additional races (the sinister drow, the avaricious duergar, the artful gnome, the spirited half-elf, the outcast half-orc, and the stony svirfneblin), rules for choosing character race and class separately, plus optional rules to add extra depth to character creation, combat, and spell casting. 56 pages.
  •  Book 2: Magic: Over 100 spells for bards, druids, gnomes, illusionists, and rangers. 48 pages.
  •  Book 3: Monsters: 120 additional terrifying monsters to challenge characters of all levels! Mimics, piercers, shambling mounds, banshees, coffer corpses, terrible eyes, metallic dragons, liches, drow, deep ones, the terrifying tarrasque, and many more classic Advanced era monsters! Includes complete encounter tables for dungeon levels 1–8+ and all types of wilderness terrain. 56 pages.
  •  Book 4: Treasures: 150 additional fantastic magic items to entice characters of all levels! The apparatus of the crab, ioun stones, the deck of many things, vorpal blades, dancing swords, the mighty holy avenger, and many more! 56 pages.
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