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Nut Hunt

Nut Hunt

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The fast-paced squirrel placement game, where 1-5 players battle for control of the forest. Forage for nuts, recruit squirrels, and hassle the fox as you expand your territory through strategy and luck.

But, even the best laid plans of squirrels and men often go awry.

Can you outsmart the fox and your competition?

  • Nut Hunt is a fast paced, adorable strategy game.

  • It’s quick and easy to learn, and has an intricate layer of strategy that is hidden beneath variance caused by the mischievous fox.

  • We believe this allows players at a broad range of skill to enjoy the game together.

  • Nut Hunt is great for serious gamers and the whole family.

  • Turns are straight forward and fast, and sure to keep even your ten year old’s attention. But, there is quite a bit of strategy under the surface.

  • It is the type of game that novice and experienced gamers can enjoy together.

  • And, we have a cut-throat rule variant for the most competitive types.

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