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Necrohamster with signed print! by Greg Dyson

Necrohamster with signed print! by Greg Dyson

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The Necrohamster is a fun and quick card game for 2-4 players. Players take simultaneous turns in which they summon skeletons, zombies and spirits. The Necrohamster is quick to pick up with simple rules, but 15 unique summon creatures and varying award cards allow for depth and replayability.

Game Setup:
Deal each player 5 random cards from a communal deck of creature cards. Next reveal 3 random Title Cards from the 7 available title cards. These Title Cards provide bonus points and are claimed by the first person that meets their requirements. Randomise one player to receive the stating player card. You are now ready to start a game of The Necrohamster!

How to Play:
Each game turn (except the first turn) starts with the Draw Phase. During this phase every player draws 2 cards from a communal deck of cards to replenish their hand. Next is the Summon Phase. During this phase each player simultaneously selects one card from their hand to summon. Once every player has chosen, all cards are revealed. To pay for the cost of the card each player must discard cards from their hand equal to that card's summon cost. The summoned card then goes into that player's personal summon area. Once all players have summoned their creature cards, starting from the first player, each player resolves any card effects going in a clockwise player order.Once card effects have been resolved, players begin the next round, starting again with the Draw Phase.

Game End:
The game ends on the round in which any player has summoned their 8th creature card. Complete this round then add up all the points each player has accumulated. The player with the highest total is declared as the greatest Necrohamster in all the lands!


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