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Mutants in the Now RPG by j/k! Games

Mutants in the Now RPG by j/k! Games

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  • Words by Julian Kay (two-time ENnie-award winning freelancer; Level 99 Games, Pelgrane Press), art by Fábio Fontes (Pixel Tactics, Millennium Blades, Buck Up and Drive!) and funded through Kickstarter!
  • Over 130 animal species and over 200 mutation traits. Use your Genetic-Organic Optimization Points (GOO-P) to build a unique mutant!
  • Fourteen combat styles as traditional as Aikido and as wild as tricking, along with the natural combat forms of animals and "improvisational panic".
  • Psionic powers of mind and matter: biokinesis, telekinesis, telepathy, and more.
  • Intensely playtested rules that call back to the games of the 1980s, but with modern refinements. Light tactical combat, investigation, social mechanics, gimmick equipment, montages, and much more!
  • Human allies, either built from scratch by players or rolled up by random generation. Don't just fight baddies, make friends!
  • Fully-formed villains ready to menace, from the Proteus Corporation to the otherdimensional Voxnax Velacuss. Will the powerful have their way?
  • A rough layout inspired by the TRPGs of the early '80s!
  • Now includes an alternate "arachnid-free" version, previously exclusive to the Kickstarter, that removes tarantula and arachnid references for arachnophobes.
  • 120 pages plus character sheets, mutation worksheets, and combat reference sheets ready to print.
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