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Hopefinder Kickstarter Bundle by Minotaur Games

Hopefinder Kickstarter Bundle by Minotaur Games

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Hopefinder is a modern zombie apocalypse RPG built using the rules engine from Pathfinder Second Edition. As a hack of Pathfinder, it is not a complete game and it requires a working understanding of Pathfinder 2E to play.  Hopefinder replaces the class system of Pathfinder with a story driven classless advancement system that empowers the Survivors (PCs) to drive the narrative forward by revealing their backstory through Flashbacks. The Narrator (GM) works with the players to tell a compelling story by setting the stage, adjudicating the rules, and controlling the actions of the zombies and other characters.

While the setting might be bleak and the world has seen better days Hopefinder is, at its core, about making a better tomorrow, sheltering the delicate flame of hope that lives on in every Survivor. Your character might not live to see a better future, but as long as they leave behind a world that is just a little bit brighter, their sacrifice might just be worth it.

Hope is a vital commodity in the game. Working together and sharing your stories gives you Hope. Falling into desperate times, giving into despair, and getting infected with the Z-Plague steals Hope from you. If you get infected, and run out of hope, the parasite takes over, transforming you into a shambling corpse!

Hopefinder is an RPG meant to be played over a handful of sessions, with characters reaching up to 5th level. Once their story is done, its time to let someone else take on the role of Narrator, to tell another inspiring story set in the ruins of a dead civilization.

Today people just call it the Fall. What a simple name for a whirlwind of death and violence that marked the end of the world. In the final months of 2022, a swine parasite spread around the world, killing billions, and causing them to rise up as the hungry zombies. The Z-Plague hit fast, killing most of the infected within days. In just weeks, world governments began to crumble. A year later, civilization had all but collapsed and only a few million desperate souls remained, surrounded by a world hellbent to consume them. Now the year is 2032. You are a Survivor, one of the lucky few struggling every day just to keep humanity around for a little while longer.

Both Physical books, plus special goodies.

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