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Guild Sword and Magick for Hire Kickstarter package by Disaster Tourism

Guild Sword and Magick for Hire Kickstarter package by Disaster Tourism

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Complete package with the Guild Core book, Adventure Diary Issue #0, Bookmark, and Adventurer's pad!

Lift your feeble weapons like towers toward heaven!

GUILD: Sword and Magick for Hire is a rules lite old-school style roleplaying game, inspired by heavier frameworks of the same era. Enough lies within these mere pages to fill a lifetime of adventure, and lead daring GUILD Adventurers into endless and lucrative quests!

Join your GUILD, and mark your name in the bard’s songs forever!

Jumpstart your GUILD campaigns with six short adventures designed for 1-2 sessions!

Underguild by Stella Condrey - the floor beneath the Guild Hall has crumbled into an unknown cavern. Descend, investigate the mysterious depths, and discover what dangers might lie in wait!

No Glory by Luke Gearing - a great beast lurks on an island off the coast, and terrorizes passing vessels. Slay the beast, and reap reward!

The Tomb of Mother Vix by Christian Sorrell - an annual ritual requires the ichor of a slumbering god. Followers of the the Mother are willing to part with their gold in return for your aid in delving into her tomb, and finding their requqired components.

The Questionable Inheritance by Amanda P. - A deadly fever spreads through the town of Ver. Elders stop all travelers at the village outskirts, barring them from entering. They seek adventurers to enter the forest and find a witch to create a cure.

The Viridescent Coil by KD - An age old Druidic sect has suddenly become quiet, and reclusive–at the same the grove of a rare mushroom, used for transmutation magicks, has been picked clean. The local baron seeks adventurers to investigate.

The Root Cause by KD and Kristen Denner - An annual game of danger, and heroism, is held in the cellar of a local alehouse. Beneath the streets of the city, the sewer grows and festers a massive creature each year, and although it cannot be killed, it can be forced into slumber. Descend the sewer depths, slay mutations, and return with the Heart-root, for a prize befitting true heroes!

A double sided bookmark with quick reference rules and random tables. 

50 double sided character sheets on a peel away notepad.

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