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Glenn Ford's SSO by w/ All Expansions

Glenn Ford's SSO by w/ All Expansions

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Enter a universe of survival horror with SSO.  You and up to five friends play the rescue crew sent to recover the SS Omega after its original crew was wiped out by a terrible disaster, but whatever befell the first crew remains, can you survive long enough to guide the ship to complete its mission?


Players win independently if they have crew alive when the cards representing the game's narrative threat, the Challenge Deck, are exhausted.  While they must work together to resist the assault of the Challenge Deck, the ship's Oxygen is a shared and limited resource.  Will you all survive together?  Will you sacrifice yourself for the good of your friends?  Or betray them when the time is right?


The pocket sized SSO base set contains the ship and your crew, along with the A.I. Challenge Deck, where the ship's own central computer is trying to kill all humans.


All Expansions included in one package!

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