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Fragged Empire 2nd Edition Archtypes Supplement Book by Design Ministries

Fragged Empire 2nd Edition Archtypes Supplement Book by Design Ministries

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"Your genetically engineered people are just now returning to the stars to usher in the dawn of a new age. Now is the time to reconnect with other forgotten species, explore war-torn worlds, combat ancient threats and forge new frontiers."


Fragged Empire is a post-post-apocalyptic sci-fi setting where your people are just now returning to space following a century of hiding during the aftermath of a galactic war where the Nephilim and their X'ion master successfully defeated the Archons and their servile nations. It's a universe that leans heavily into themes of cultural tension and exploration, with a dash of transhumanism, nation-building and a hope for a better future.

A typical game of Fragged Empire will see you and your friends take on the role of a character from one of eight core species. You will join together to form a ragtag band of misfits who travel around the sector in a spaceship taking odd jobs and getting into trouble.

Inspirations; Cowboy Bebop, Firefly, Farscape, the Millennium Falcon scenes from Star Wars, and a little of the Expanse.


This PDF is a supplement for Fragged Empire 2 that has a collection of mapped out PC progression paths. These give a more classice RPG Level-based progression feel (rather than the standard open-ended approach of Fragged), and can help new Players to create a character. It also has a number of pre-made PCs, and branching options for each archtype.

Included Archtypes: Commander (branch into Squad Leader or Tactician), Medic (branch into Doctor or Gene Weaver), Mystic - Psion (branch into Blaster or Guide), Striker (branch into Brute or Martial Artist), Technician (branch into Cyborg or Scientist) and Warrior (branch into Spec Ops or Tank).

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