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Fragged Empire 2nd Edition Adventure Eat Cake by Design Ministries

Fragged Empire 2nd Edition Adventure Eat Cake by Design Ministries

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An adventure for Fragged Empire 2nd edition.

  • Combats balanced for: Levels 1-3.
  • Expected duration: 2-3 sessions.
  • Rough style: chaotic dungeon crawl.


The first thing you notice is the red flashing lights as your eyes flicker open. You can barely feel your body as warmth slowly returns to you following your week-long cryogenic sleep. Heat is pumped through the gel that surrounds you, shifting it from freezing to comfortable. Turning your head slightly you catch a glimpse of a crewmate in a similar pod. Several tubes are protruding from their mouth and nose. You feel the same tubes in your own orifices.

There is not much time to process your surroundings as the plexi glass of your coffin-shaped cryogenic pod shifts to the side as you feel and smell the metal plating of the interior of your ship. The gel is sinking back into holes in the plastic grating that you’re resting on, leaving you in your underwear and more than a little cold and hungry. You blink as feeling returns to your body and you pull out the various tubes.

You have been asleep for a week and remember that you’re on your way to the Denovo IV space station in the outer reaches of the Haven system to trade supplies for a rare jump drive from a quirky Legion hermit named Margetz.

It is then that you notice that the blinking red lights are an alarm; there is an issue on the ship...

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