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Fortress of Terror Box Set

Fortress of Terror Box Set

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Fortress of Terror is the first Adventure Module in the Roll-With-It system, a modular, solitaire roll-and-write adventure game system with endless possibilities for adventure through an accomplish-the-task-and-escape-the-maze-style gameplay.

Gameplay is centered around a maze or map, through which the player must navigate, accomplish some objective(s), and escape the map under pressure from the enemy's attacks via the Doom die. The simple, puzzley, maze-style gameplay is approached differently in each adventure, building on the basic rules with new rules, concepts, and components, that make each adventure feel fresh and unique.

In Fortress of Terror, you are the humble hero sent by your village to enter the terrifying fortress of the evil warlord Bram and stop him from terrorizing the realm. You do this by making your way through four chapters, or sections, of the game. Each chapter places you in a maze that you must explore and escape from, collecting powerful Relics and other goals that you must achieve to win. You move around each maze using a pool of dice that are rolled each round. However, you can never retrace your steps, as Bram has cursed the earth and floors of the fortress to crumble beneath your every step. If you manage to fulfill the chapter objective and escape the maze, you will advance to the next chapter, until you reach the final battle with Bram himself.
This also includes Temple of Despair module with dice and laminated boards!
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