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First in Flight Kickstarter Collector's Edition by Artana LLC

First in Flight Kickstarter Collector's Edition by Artana LLC

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First in Flight is a push-your-luck, deck-building game about the race to early flight. Players take on the roles of the Wright Brothers, Samuel Langley, and other flight pioneers, racing to build and pilot the “flyers” that preceded modern airplanes.

Each player’s flyer design is represented by a deck of cards that they can steadily improve and refine, and which may include unknown design flaws that threaten their success.

Flying is a blackjack-style challenge to test a design, break new records, and gain experience -- hopefully without crashing. Then, players head back to the workshop to refine their flyers and improve their chances on future flights. There are dozens of available technologies, pilot skills, and friends in the field available for players to customize their own play style and strategy.

Collector's Edition of First in Flight, with upgraded metal coins, compressed resin player pieces, foil-stamped pilot cards, and all CE stretch goals unlocked throughout the campaign.

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