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Enclave: A Tableless RPG Advent Edition by Robby Howell

Enclave: A Tableless RPG Advent Edition by Robby Howell

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Enclave is a multiplayer, narrative-driven fantasy roleplaying game that captures an old-school tabletop feel while being completely diceless. 

Highly intuitive and quick to learn, with numerous advanced mechanics that can be gradually introduced as players get more confident with the game, Enclave is both a breath of fresh air for TTRPG veterans and an excellent starting point for newcomers to the genre! Teamwork and creativity are your greatest assets, with collaborative storytelling elements allowing players to directly impact the world of the game in a non-intrusive manner.

Enclave follows a familiar gameplay pattern: the host describes a situation, the players ask questions to get a better picture then describe what they do, and the host determines how those actions resolve.

In other games that final step is often handled by dice, but in Enclave success is simply determined though common sense, with player commitment being used as the deciding factor in swing situations. This keeps gameplay snappy and flexible and allows player effort in describing actions, character acting, and investment in the story to all be tangibly rewarded, all while still ensuring that the story has stakes. Effort and investment are king in Enclave. You don't need to be a world class actor to be rewarded for getting into character, you only need to try.

Taking place in the infinite world of Manifold, player-characters are all agents of The Enclave, a mysterious, world-spanning organization. Each play session sees a squad of these agents deployed on a mission.

Missions are often quite short, allowing each session to be a self-contained one-shot depicting a single mission from start to finish. While longer-form play is also available, this model makes Enclave much easier to schedule and allows for tremendous variety, with a completely new setting and storyline available every time you play.

Manifold is a self-contained multiverse spanning all epochs and genres – from ancient mythology to classic medieval fantasy to dystopian sci-fi and everything in between -- allowing playgroups to bring whatever stories and settings they want to the game. The only constant is The Enclave, ever-present, inscrutable, and seemingly omniscient...


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