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Dreadful Meadows Expansion Tricks for Treats by Arkus Games

Dreadful Meadows Expansion Tricks for Treats by Arkus Games

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For those Confectioners who like to play a tad on the salty side! These 3 interchangeable game modes will create chaos among those who dare to play them!

Players: 2-4


Don’t let that sweet smile and baritone sounding “HAAAY THERE!” deceive you, Slug is loyal to no single Confectioner. They swiftly becomes a sneaky sidekick, acting as a Sugar Sprite on your behalf in the patches of an opponent. Candy stolen by Slug is placed and protected in the fenced Private Patch for the contracting Confectioner to use as they please. Once their dirty work is done, Slug will become available to all again. This time around, it may be you who require Slug's services…*evil laughter*.

Mode Gameplay Summary: By placing Slug on a Meadow owned by an opponent, you will generate Candylike Sugar Sprites) but you keep this Candy.
x1 - Slug Standee
x1 - Pilfering Patch(punch board fenced patch section)


So you thought your concoctions were the best thing since sliced bubble gum?! Well don’t get ahead of yourself, that’s up to Cornelia Candy Critic to decide. As your fellow Confectioners complete their Concoction Cards they will draw one of the Candy Critic Cards to unleash her judgment on you. But don’t worry, like all great candy critics before her, she can be bribed to give you a “YUM!” seal of approval.

Mode Gameplay Summary: When you finish a concoction card, you will get to draw a Candy Critic card which you must give to an opponent.
x18 Candy Critic Cards


Rumor has it, things have gone from dreadful to borderline criminal in these meadows! Each player will start with an additional patch that allows them to burrow and pinch one candy crop from a fellow Confectionaire. When you retrieve an adjacent Sugar Sprite, is when your theft is revealed! You may pick a candy from any patch, from any Meadow! Just make sure you time it right, or the other Confectioners may clear their crops before you arrive!

Mode Gameplay Summary: When you retrieve a Sugar Sprite that has been placed adjacently to this Patch, you get to pinch a Candy Piece from an opponents Meadow.
x4 Tricks for Treats Patch Tiles


Not all seed deliveries arrive in sacks! Here in Dreadful Meadows our Igor Industry Silo’s doing the heavy lifting.
For human eyes, the silo also functions as a great visual guide for anticipating the game's end, and as such, it may help to improve their strategy. Concoction cards may also be slipped into the storage slot under the silo for safe dispensing. Don’t let those claws scare you - WORK SAFELY AND SUGAR-FILLED has recently reported that in 2022 there have been no Sugar Sprite related injuries.

Component Addition Summary: You can use this to store and distribute the Patch Tiles during the game. It is a great addition as it is much easier to see the stack depleting as the game progresses.
x1 Card Silo Patch Tower(Tile Tower)


Need Dreadful Meadows base game to play!

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