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Draft and Write Records All Access Pass Pledge by Inside Up Games

Draft and Write Records All Access Pass Pledge by Inside Up Games

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Do you have what it takes to hit the big time? Can you take your band from performing in your parent's basement to the largest stages around the world?
Draft your lead singer, musicians, production and backstage staff. Arrange them in the most harmonious ways to unlock more fans, money and opportunities. Plan your schedule, prioritize your assets and select your travel routes as you grow.
Chain your rewards into such an amazing show you will leave your competitors behind. But as every superstar out for those scandals.

Draft Write Records is a draft and write game for 1-6 players, aged 10+ taking 45 minutes.

  • 12× Lead Singer Cards
  • 28× Musician Cards
  • 22× Production Crew Cards
  • 28× Backstage Crew Cards
  • 20× Double Asset Cards
  • 30× Single Asset Cards
  • 12× Double Agenda Cards
  • 20× Single Agenda Cards
  •  Scandal Cards
  • 42× Gold Goal Cards
  • 21× Platinum Goal Cards
  •  Diamond Goal Cards
  • Pass Direction Card
  •  Pencils
  •  Coloured Pencils
  • Pencil Sharpener
  • Pad of Band Sheets
  • 23× "Chart-Toppers" Bonus Track cards
  • 23× "All-Star" Bonus Tracks cards
  •  Neoprene stitched edge playmat
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