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Ding Dong Scary Deluxe Kickstarter Edition by The GamerSpark

Ding Dong Scary Deluxe Kickstarter Edition by The GamerSpark

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Ding-Dong is a quick and fun party game full of Halloween shenanigans for up to 9 players.

Players assume the role of grumpy adults on the night of Halloween that want to scare as many kids as possible away from their homes and onto their neighbors'.

Ding Dong is based on set collection, hidden information inference, card play, and some take-that mechanics to complement the Halloween pranks while being easy and quick to play. Each player has his own special powers, his own personal board, and a deck of cards to scare away the little pranksters.

During a game of Ding Dong, each turn players draw a trick & treater card and place it in front of the player who has the Ding-Dong token in front of them. Then that player either uses treats to send the kid to another player, spends house decorations to scare the kid away, or simply has to suffer the prank the kid is going to play on them if they don't.


Deluxe version has the game plus expansions and stretch goals

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