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Dark Tomb The Crypts of Aurelian by Kozz Games

Dark Tomb The Crypts of Aurelian by Kozz Games

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Dark Tomb is an ultra portable tabletop dungeon crawler in which a group of uniquely skilled characters must navigate through the ancient tomb deep below the city of Gorriah. The tomb is split into three chambers, each more dangerous and chilling than the previous one.

Characters work collaboratively though each chamber collecting items, battling monsters, and exploring tiles. On each turn characters can choose from a variety of attacks, movement, or other abilities in addition to utilizing items encountered in the tomb.

If the party fully explores a chamber and defeats all monsters they conquer it and move on to the next. If they fail in their quest, they can recoup and try again. Chamber tiles, monsters, and items are randomized, so every play-though is unique.

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