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Dark Force Incursion Omnibus Edition Softcover by DR Games

Dark Force Incursion Omnibus Edition Softcover by DR Games

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Dark Force Incursion is a Roll and Write game that is for one person, taking 20 to 40 minutes to play. You will need one of the DFI maps (plenty of which are free to download at the DR Games website), one six sided die and a pencil.

This is the Omnibus Edition and features the Core Rules and the Lakes, Marshes, Forest and Muster and Ambush expansion rules.

Your land has been invaded by a powerful Dark Force. The speed of the invasion was frightening, and they have taken all the defensive forts in your land. In desperation you have gathered your dwindling army and now must push out to recapture these forts to secure the safety of your people.


The aim of the game is to claim back more than half of the forts on the map. The number will vary based upon the map, but ultimately if the Dark Force defends half or more of the forts on the map you have lost. You can claim a fort hex by placing one of your armies on it, which means drawing an army across it. This must be achieved before the dark force amasses 25 armies. If the dark force raises 25 armies before you reclaim the forts, they have contained your rebellion and the war is lost.

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