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Core Connection: Nabala Conspiricy Gamefound Complete Charge Pledge

Core Connection: Nabala Conspiricy Gamefound Complete Charge Pledge

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In this robot anime-inspired deckbuilding card game for 2-4 players, you can pick between 6 different pilots and robots as the game progresses - 36 possibilities in all. And in true robot anime fashion, each pilot and robot gets to Awaken and unleash its true abilities when things look bleakest, creating truly memorable moments of hot-blooded action. Only you and your friends can defeat the encroaching hordes and thwart the plans of Nabla's Heart.

Two years ago, Atlantis, conquerors of the ancient world, rose from the depths of the Pacific. As the world stood paralyzed in the face of their onslaught, seven girls stepped forward to oppose it. They possessed the Royal Wavelength necessary to activate the humanoid weapons known as Resonants—the only means of stopping Atlantis. Caught in a maelstrom of conflict, they battled against the hordes, eventually slaying Ennosigaios, the Lord of Atlantis.

Now, peace slowly returns as the world licks its wounds and rebuilds. The girls enjoy a return to their normal lives… while feeling ever—so—slightly like something’s missing.

Through four phases of their turn, players purchase cards, add attachments to their mechs, play tactics and then enter battle! After the discard phase, play moves on. Defeat monsters to gain energy and gear up to battle stronger enemies together. First player to reach 20 energy announces the end of the game is coming - or reach 30 energy to win the game immediately!


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