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Fragged Empire 2nd Edition RPG Setting Guide Book by Design Ministries

Fragged Empire 2nd Edition RPG Setting Guide Book by Design Ministries

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Fragged Empire is a post-post-apocalyptic sci-fi setting where your people are just now returning to space following a century of hiding during the aftermath of a galactic war where the Nephilim and their X'ion master successfully defeated the Archons and their servile nations. It's a universe that leans heavily into themes of cultural tension and exploration, with a dash of transhumanism, nation-building and a hope for a better future.

A typical game of Fragged Empire will see you and your friends take on the role of a character from one of eight core species. You will join together to form a ragtag band of misfits who travel around the sector in a spaceship taking odd jobs and getting into trouble. 

Inspirations; Cowboy Bebop, Firefly, Farscape, the Millennium Falcon scenes from Star Wars, and a little of the Expanse.

The 2nd edition of Fragged Empire has improved on the 1st edition in every way! The lore has expanded beyond the Haven system, pre-Great War history is explored (including Archon culture) and I have doubled down on the key features that make the Fragged universe so interesting: its various species and their cultures. 

The rules for 2nd edition are slimmer and more intuitive than 1st edition while also increasing the depth of your options.

Here are some of the major rule changes:

  • All new Traits, Weapons, Outfits, Utility and Misc items/tasks.
  • New Arcane Skill Roll system that gives Players greater narrative power via the use of space magic! (in a similar way to Fragged Aeternum and Kingdom).
  • Combat Actions and spacecraft System Rolls have been reworked.
  • A new Munition system replaces Ammo and Rate of Fire (works in a similar way to Momentum from Fragged Kingdom).
  • Companions have been completely reworked.
  • Reworked Spacecraft Influence cost system.
  • Simpler healing/repair rules.
  • Inclusion of a large GM Guide section!
  • GM reward structures have been reworked and simplified. GMs now mostly just reward Trade Goods and Networking units to their PCs, which are then turned into Current Resources or Influence.
  • The rule book includes a large GM Guide section and more guidance for Players.
  • NPC character Types have been Reworked (Henchmen, Troop, Skilled and Nemesis).
  • All new NPC spacecraft Types (Outnumbered, Rival and Outclassed).
  • Download character sheets here.
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