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Carbon Grey RPG - Kickstarter Deluxe Box Set

Carbon Grey RPG - Kickstarter Deluxe Box Set

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Deluxe Kickstarter Box set! Loaded with good stuff for the complete game experience!

In Carbon Grey, you take on the role of heroes struggling against a seemingly unstoppable empire with world-conquering aspirations.

Survive the grimness of trench warfare. Dare to soar the deadly skies. Master the art of espionage to uncover the secrets of your enemies. Navigate the social hierarchy and underhanded dealings of both the nobility and the underworld. Learn to manipulate the strange powers that affect the very reality of the world around you.

In a world made of war, battle lines are fluid. Skirmishes are fought not only in the mud, muck, and mire but also in the ballroom. In order to win even a small victory, one needs to be willing to go to any lengths or die trying. Such is the world of Carbon Grey.

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