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Cannonades The Glitch Kickstarter Limited Edition Card Game

Cannonades The Glitch Kickstarter Limited Edition Card Game

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Have you ever dreamed of shooting cannonballs at your friends like there was no tomorrow? Well, then this is the game for you! Cannonades is a fast-paced, easy-to-pick-up, chaotic, fun little game. Oh, and it’s cheap too: it costs the same as a regular deck of cards. Let’s take a closer look:

In short, each player is the captain of a fleet of pirate ships, and their goal is to sink all the opponents’ ships – with cannonballs, of course – and to remain the only pirate still afloat. The deck consists of 2 type of cards: ships and cannonades, each in 1 of 6 different colors. During your turn you can add ships to your fleet or try sinking those of your friends by shooting cannonballs at them. Simple? Yes! The game is explained in 30 seconds but finding and developing a strategy to have the upper hand might not be so easy!


These are limited and only printed ONCE! No other runs are planned for this game.

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