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Bitter Sweets

Bitter Sweets

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You've brought home a delectably devious box of chocolates. Upon opening, you discover a note!

"Thank you for choosing us for your chocolate-eating journey! Enjoy our classic dark, milk, and white chocolates along with our new crimson chocolates, made from a mixture of rose petals and cocoa beans. Our chocolate boxes are known for being delectably devious, which is why you’ll find our chocolates individually wrapped and indistinguishable.

We’re positive you’ll want to get your favorites before anyone else does. For those with more adventurous palates, please enjoy the chocolate-covered vegetables also included. "

BitterSweet is a fast, 1-4 player game with elements of drafting, push-your-luck, and memory. Players compete to gather their favorites chocolates while avoiding those they might find unappetizing. Each round your preferences change, altering the dynamics of individual cards and what you want most!

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