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Apequest: The search for Geoffrey by Trademark52

Apequest: The search for Geoffrey by Trademark52

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Your monkey has stolen your time travel trousers, and you must fight your way through time and space to get him back.

To accomplish this, each player selects a card representing one of many parallel incarnations of Professor Elemental, each equipped with unique and unlikely weapons. Their collective challenge is to navigate a timeline, generated from the timeline deck, and to cooperate to defeat the dangers and vexations it throws in their paths.

On their ape-pursuit, the players will find a deck of items to assist and amuse them, and will be plagued by the problems that emerge from the malfunction deck. Once the final card of the timeline has been revealed and overcome, the players are victorious, but if just one of the many Professors runs out of health before the quest is complete, the whole team loses - that’s just how parallel timelines work, apparently.

A charming game of trousers, butlers and alternate realities inspired by the steampunk chap-hop concept album of the same name by Professor Elemental, renowned scientist, exotic dancer and explorer.

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