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14 Frantic Minutes by Crooked Thumb Games

14 Frantic Minutes by Crooked Thumb Games

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You’ve been working as an engineer for a brilliant but very eccentric scientist and you’ve just discovered that the project you’ve been working on is not the climate change solution it was touted to be. It’s a Doomsday device!

You rush to tell your fellow engineers. They see your evidence and everyone agrees this could only mean one thing. Now you all have to escape his high-tech lab by working together and using your contributions to the project, so that you can tell others before it’s too late!

Suddenly, you hear the sounds of someone heading your way. It’s him. Frantically you each grab the circuitry you were working on and rush for the door. An announcement comes from overhead. "Fourteen minutes ‘til lockdown". You've got to get out, and fast!

Players work together by flipping, turning, rotating, and placing polyomino shaped circuit pieces to complete connections in each room to get one step closer to escape and then complete the tricky final circuit before you’re caught and run out of time. Hurry up! The clock is ticking! 14 Frantic Minutes is a real-time cooperative game. You all win or lose together.

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