Totality Tales Intro!

Totality Tales:

A journal recalling the adventures of the survivors from a post holocaust world, detailed using the game Rad Zone Totality it will tell the story of grit and survival in a harsh world riddled with challenges. Each chapter will be conceived using the game results of every session then told through an ongoing saga.

Genesis reborn! After the wars which wreaked havoc to the entire population, we find survivors all over the earth looking to stay alive by any means necessary as they face tough challenges in many forms, Ravagers, bandits and mutants looking to take what they need when they want it. Supplies, needed to continue the basic and advanced needs for surviving in this whole new world we live in. Radiation sickness, the world now has many HOT zones as well and irradiated zones that can cause many severe issues unless you are careful with your radiation detector to scan the zones you are in. Rad Bunkers are the safe places created by survivors where they can safely avoid many of the dangers, however, need to venture out to gain food, water, and supplies. These tales will detail the adventures and challenges faced by our trusted survivors.

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